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About Apex Learning

Apex Learning is designed to provide quality distance learning opportunities for secondary students. The comprehensive courses offer a proven alternative to the traditional model of a teacher in a classroom with students setting. 

At Silverberg Academy

  • High-quality classroom experience with the online world

  • Combining superior teachers, engaging content

  • A fully customized online learning environment

  • High level of service to support student success


Why APEX Learning

Effective Digital Curriculum


The curriculum is designed to support all students in achieving their potential, from those struggling with grade-level content t those capable of accelerating their learning. Students are empowered to take control of their own learning.

Actionable Data


Students know at any point of time where they stand in terms of progress and performance. Teachers have real-time data to inform their students and work towards their success.

Success Management


Our goal is to ensure you get the results you expect when you implement our digital curriculum. "Success Management" are more than words to us — the success of your students is the focus of our entire company.

Who needs APEX Learning


Do you need To CATCH UP

Finding yourself off-track in high school with fewer credits and need to make up some classes? We’ll help you catch up and reduce your likelihood of dropping the course, losing valuable credit, having to enroll in summer school, or worse, delaying your graduation.

Do you need to GET AHEAD

Looking to graduate early? We can help you get a jump-start with our convenient, affordable, and flexible programs. Whether it’s during the academic year or during summer, we have many courses available with curriculum that can definitely help you get ready for college.


Take advantage of classes that are not offered by your high school. Looking to take Latin 3 or maybe Navajo Language to help with a scholarship opportunity? With a variety of courses to choose from your options for electives have definitely opened up.


Are you homeschooled and looking for ways to supplement your learning? We provide courses that can work well with the education program you are currently taking. You get to control curriculum, too, by choosing from numerous required courses and career-focused electives in business, technology, communication, and more.


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