Camp FAQ

  • What is the daily schedule? 

The morning session is from 9am to 12:15pm, and the afternoon session is from 1pm to 3pm. The full day session goes from 9am to 3pm with a 45-minutes lunchtime period from 12:15pm – 1:00pm.

  • Do I need to provide a lunch for my child?

We recommend packing a lunch and a healthy snack too! Please pack a lunch (that does not contain any nuts or peanuts) if your child is attending both the morning and afternoon camps. Water is available at no charge. A microwave is available for heating food.

The Silverberg Academy provides lunch options for an additional fee of $10/day (cash only).

  • Teacher/Student Ratio

Generally there are no more than 12 campers in each group. We strive to keep a ratio of one teacher to 10 campers in our Summer Camps.

  • What does my child do during extended care times?

In order to support families’ schedules, we offer Extended Day in the morning, beginning at 8:00 AM, and in the afternoons, until 5:30 PM.

Campers are supervised by our staff during extended care times, and their activities depend on their interests. We usually have our campers play board games since they are a great way to allow children to have fun, learn and get in some family time.

  • Who will be teaching my child’s camp?

Our instructors are experienced teachers, who are currently working professionally in the Greater Seattle area. More importantly, they strive to bring the best in them when they teach our students, foster a safe environment for creative risk-taking, and help students develop their essential skills. The instructors are also partnered with a skilled classroom assistants at times to maximize the potential for one-on-one and small-group work.

  • Will my child be behind if he or she misses a day of camp?

Many of our camps build on knowledge from past days. However, we understand that some campers may have illnesses or obligations that cause them to miss camp time. We will do our best to keep all campers up to speed.

  • What happens if there are disciplinary issues at camp?

The Silverberg Academy is committed to providing a safe, fun-filled experience for all campers. This is the cornerstone of our approach to discipline and behavior management. It is our firm belief that consistent, clear communication with children and parents is the key to problem solving. Further, we recognize that parents know their children best and we value the input and strategic advice we receive from you.

If a child’s behavior is in violation of our expectations, we will address the issue in an appropriate way with the child, will follow up with a parent/caregiver and finalize the process to clarify the appropriate action. We also understand that sensory, cognitive, physical and learning differences can present challenges for some children in the camp environment. In these instances, we work with parents to accommodate these challenges as best we can.

  • May I visit during camp?

Yes! Please feel free to arrange a visit with our staff from Monday to Saturday between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm.

  • What is your policy for special needs children?

Our experienced team works closely with families to help children adjust to the camp and achieve individual success. We ensure to contact parents if a discussion is needed or a medical or behavioral plan needs to be implemented. We welcome input from parents to help us make certain that your child has a positive experience at The Silverberg Camp.

  • Do I pay the full amount up front?

Yes, but you can add the extended-day option later as long as space is still available

  • Is there a sibling/friend discount?

Yes. After the first camp session, each additional sibling/family member registered in the same order can receive $50 discount (cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions). Please talk to our administrative staff regarding the discounts.

  • What is my child NOT allowed to bring to camp?

All personal items and toys should be kept at home, including iPads, cameras and similar equipment. Campers are not allowed to bring weapons of any kind to camp. The Camp Director will immediately notify parents if a camper has an item which is not permitted at camp.

  • Is there a final performance?

Yes!  A final performance creates a sense of pride and accomplishment and also raises the stakes of students’ participation. By working together towards a larger goal, students develop responsibility, discipline, and commitment to the art form, to their creative process, and to their fellow young performers.

  • Will there be photos or videos of the performance made available?

We do not create professional videos of final performances. You are welcome to take your own photos and videos of your child’s final sharing, as long your flash and any distracting sounds are turned off.